Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Picture This - My Visual Life Part 5

The view from the kitchen in the evening time.
Yarn is now a constant part of my unconscious dream state. Lady Love has taught me to crochet. Oh dear.
Kitten Loves her new windows. Much happier in this home, me thinks.
BadyLug infestation. Is quite entertaining when living with three cats.

Teaching much more leads to more sunning naps. Yoga studio approved.
Many thoughts going through this brain of fluff. Not nearly enough time to sort through and write them down. May or may not be lost forever. Who knows. Doesn't help that I am now full of mucus and boogers (which equals being full of Buckley's and Bentasil) meaning creativity is quite lost.
Please send wishes of bettering and wellness.. or chocolate. That always makes things work properly.


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