Thursday, April 12, 2012

Picture This - My Visual Life Part 6

So things have been busy as usual. I'm teaching quite a bit and am doing my usual running around. These are the events that have been happening in my day to day. Mmmmmmenjoy.

Shad and Veelson can't seem to take their eyes off their HD tv. Kids these days..
Made some Lemon Meringue pie for The Bear on his birthay with Lady Love. I decided when I say my name is Meri, I'll say, "Meri, as in Meringue" Eh? Eh? Clever.

The view on the way home from driving The Bear to work at 6am-ish. The Flat Lands do provide nice sunrises.
Spring is here!!! .. In the flower shops only. *Le Sigh*
Was surprised with this when I got in the car after a class. The middle heart even has a little message on it! So thoughtful.
Hung out with my gangsta bitch. (Eldest Child) Twas a fun afternoon.
The reuniting of the children after about a year. It looks like Pup's snarling but I think she was just breathing out of the side of her mouth. This was the craziest it got, sadly enough. I was hoping for an uprising.
I do have a few things floating around in this head of mine but alas, time is not on my side. Not to mention I've been sleepier than usual lately. That never helps production.But I have been taking a lot of pictures with my Cannon Eos. Maybe I'll post some of those as well. Fun times ahead!
For now I shall carry on my merry way.

Diddly dee potatoes,


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