Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Human Organics

"I was born botanical.The soul of an animal deep beneath the layers, I sink my roots no need for mechanical.
I come strictly organical. When I need to feast, I look to the East, that's why I'm never scared of the beast. Even though they try to prey upon me, I'm protected by the one always greater than me. So now I reveal to thee because you wanna see the contour of my mystery, the strength of my arches, the colour of my conscience and the way that I process my diction, some fact, some diction, some mystery, some future fantasy. I'm the trunk that holds the branches, the leaves who do the dances, my flowers romantic my love gigantic. From Africa, transplanted translantic in the heat of the sun, I bring shade for everyone, like the beat on the one.
I'm the skin on the drum.

I keep on living with the fullness of the one
like the heat of the sun or the skin on the drum

I'm fully marinated and now I'm ready for the fire"

Michael Franti

Ever thought of a world without self doubt? Ever thought of how we could potentially just trust that it will all work out in the end? What if we could know that no matter what the situation, we will always be happy. We will always choose goodness and love over anything else. Trusting the deepest part of your core will connect with all other circumstances in the world and bring it all to it's destination. Knowing that the life in you will show you and others so much exaggerated greatness. That light will bloom from every action whenever it sits aligned with your personal truth.

I challenge you to do something that is out of your normal behavior. Do something you've been putting off or maybe even never thought was an option for whatever reason. Don't even think of an excuse, just put your hand right in and muddle with it.

Our lives are only here for a limited time. If we don't fill them as full as possible, there's no point in putting in the energy for a permanently empty shell.

Create. Move. Love. Let go of your pride and see where it takes you.
We're all just specs. Don't let the idea of life get the upper hand. Fuck with it while you have the chance.

Constantly learning,


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