Monday, November 28, 2011

Feel Good 'Bout What You're Dreaming Of

Ever catch someone's eye and notice that they're smiling? For the most part, if and when it happens to me, I usually can't help but smile back. Or at least bashfully look away. People love people. We all love human connection and crave it. We want to be social and happy. Which brings me to my point.

My world view has been renewed and refreshed into a heart throb of sunshine and kitten kisses.
Don't you worry. I plan on recycling it all right back.

Sometimes when life is going a little slow, things are getting a bit rough, the grit of the real world sets in a little and you feel that impending string of bad choices crouching in behind you as you watch the ideal balanced mindset to slip slightly.
I've had a couple conversations in the last couple days about when these types of things happen to people and the reactions that they allow themselves to have.

There is truth in the cliche's that we use so often. "Life is what you make it" Being a big one.

The reaction people choose to have to the situations around them are what count. They are what makes up a personality, an attitude, a feeling.

Life, the universe, God, Buddha, Gandolf, or whomever suits your fancy, decided to put things in place to bring a huge gift of happiness and future possibility into my life today. My ability to express my thankfulness and gratitude is not adequate. I will say that the person that set it up and made it happen is a dear friend of mine. A mentor, if you will. A person of great wisdom and logic. Few people have the ability to shine quite as effeciently and deeply as this one does.

Though I've done this before, I'd like to put out there how much I appreciate the people in my life. Because of this and the overwhelming goodness that I see so frequently in my friends, I will make this act of kindness contagious and spread it as far and deeply as I can.

Love you long time,

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