Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mind Rewrite

It is a challenge. A challenge, I tell you. Sure, knowing that the sun is behind the overcast umbrella above you is obvious. But knowing that the same energy, the same ball of fire, the "prana", the life force, be all and end all, is within you isn't easy.
I'll tell you what is easy. Swimming in thought. Allowing everything to muddle up in the mind and well over like the tantrum tears of a three year old. Swallowing that thought, that mindset of "I am my thoughts" and seeing that nugget of chocolatey goodness beyond, somehow proves to be one of the most difficult things I've ever done.
As the lovely Lauryn Hill says
"These buildings could drift out to sea
Some natural catastrophe
Still there's no place I'd rather be
Cos nothin' even matters to me"
Why do we allow thoughts to have such control? What is so great about over analyzing everything to the nth degree?

I had a lovely conversation with a new friend the other day. A young thing of simplistic wisdom. They were talking about how short of time we have on this earth. How we have so many options and only a pinch of ability to utilize them all. And yet we choose to numb, distort, distract and divert from the essence of living. From things that are a part of our essential nature. We stray from love for the sake of fear. We push happiness to the side for the growth of greed. We put ourselves in situations of blaming others for things that we can so easily take responsibility for.

My question is, "why?" If you have hung out with me for more than an hour, you'll know I ask that question a lot. I'm learning to be more specific so I ask, why distract from goodness?
What are your distortions? What do you use as a crutch for your choices? Who do you blame for your emotional states?
Everyone does it, so why not dig a little deeper?


I know the pictures have very little to do with the words but I found them to be interesting visuals, for what it's worth.

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