Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jolt Awake

I've talked before with friends about how sometimes people need a mind slap. A jolt. Something to daze them from their regular thoughts. Often times it's something along the lines of a death of someone you love or knew well that really brings a realization to your thinking cap but there are times where I (and the general public, I'm sure) need this sort of zap in their life without the loss of someone or something. My goal lately has been, how do I do such a thing.
A friend of mine was telling me of how he sat on the couch on his balcony with some nutella toast and watched the sun rise the other day. I have a feeling that is the sort of things I need to do to really give my mind a shake. I can see why people do things like cliff jumping and sky diving. You crave that adrenalin to really wake up your senses. Sure watching a sunrise is subdued but it's something to make you think, "Wow. This is life. I am me right now, in this moment." It makes you feel alive.
But when you allow yourself to get in that funk of monotonous life, it takes a real push to make you go to that second step of life. Sometimes I'd like someone to just push me over and scream "LET GO!" Drop the drama, the emotion, the business, the laziness, the anxiety, the pressure, the self consciousness."
I think this is why I love nature so much. It can be so vast and intimidating. It can comfort you and yet destroy you in a flash. I enjoy the feeling of being small and vulnerable at the mercy of the universe. The fact that another galaxy could collide with us or that medeorites that are fully capable of taking out full cities could come hurdling down and take any one of us out in a split second makes me feel like my actions are valid. I need to be able to feel confident in all my thoughts, words, intentions and movements at all time because, who knows?

No one. That's who.

Another thing that helps with making sure your life is lived to its utmost potential, is great friends. Adventures with friends are something that allows us to feel totally human. We feel part of a connected journey and together we can aid each others growth to the best of our abilities. The community you hold around you is so important.
And one of my friends, Lady Love, is celebrating the day of her birth today. The day after Summer Solstice, my comrade in life was given a life of her own. She is constantly growing and learning to take advantage of every second and I'm so proud of her. She has nudged and encouraged my own growth and independence in so many ways and I will be eternally grateful to her for being my pal through this huge curve in my life. But in my thankfulness, I will also repay by being as good as a friend to her as possible. She's a bright and shiny soul.

I love my friends and the people I choose to spend my time with but I also am going to really make a conscious effort to push my own boundaries. I choose to not just push the envelope but rip it open and allow myself to experience everything life has to offer me. The future is pregnant with potential and I will explore it.

Mind ramblings of..


But you give me the electric twist and it kicks like kicks like a pony
And true, you might get away with it
It's a risk, it's a risk yeah

And the touch of your lips it's a shock not a kiss
It's electric twist, it's electric twist

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