Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunny Days

What have you done today? What have you invested your time and thought into?

What has made your list of things that should take your moments of life on this earth?

Music has been one that is entertaining my brain lately. Specifically the new Fleet Foxes album. Just wonderful, it is. Someday I'll be making my own tunes of sweet melody. Someday.

The sun has made my thought process a little more positive. Yesterday was gloomy, my stomach was in pain, my lungs were cluttered and I was not of bright mind.
Today was/is different. We tended to our baby plants due to a slight aphid infestation. My dear little catnip is all and well, thank you. My Mr.'s Mint got a slight pruning though.

Old men walking down the street, kids riding their bikes, and my puppy and I had quite a nice little jaunt about in the back yard whilst I climbed the fence of the next door neighbors for her Frisbee which we had plenty of fun with afterwards.

I've also vowed to make more of my lack of adventurous behavior and do some public display of ruckus making. General fun times all around of course, and to be shared with the wide world will be quite a new path for my life. But we'll see where it goes. I'm excited, to say the least.

Now, once again, I await the plans of this fine Sunday evening to unfold before me. Most likely it will have to do with painting and merry making.

But of course, my mind on this special day of birth for many a man.


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