Saturday, September 17, 2011

It Takes A Muscle To Fall In Love

Quench your melody thirst first.

I've been beginning to see how much exersize we need every day to be healthy. And this isn't just physical activity, which is incredibly important, but mind and spirit and emotion and rights. We need to constantly find space in our minds to be able to be conscious all the time. It's not easy. To be able to make sure you're following your passions and still maintaining your temporary happiness to a point. Still rolling with the punches but finding meaning in little things that give you a happiness that seeps through any walls you put up. All the while being aware of the walls you are putting up and why they're protecting you and from what? Yet, there is still this balance that needs to be achieved between social media/social gatherings and filtered thought/solo time.
Or maybe this is just my head and how my thought process goes. While the person next to me is totally opposite or maybe just of by a couple thoughts. We are so different, and yet inseparable.
I try and make sure I'm setting myself little goals. Little gold stars throughout life. I've actually got a pair of sunglasses that I trade back and forth between a friend called "good choice glasses". We only get them when we're on a good choices streak. (Obviously some rad looking sunglasses) The plan is a little flawed due to us not being able to have good streaks at the same time but it's encouraging. Little bursts of happiness like that keep you accountable. Keep me happily moving rather than dragging myself.

I love looking at the thought process of other people. The differences in our minds intrigue me to no end. It's interesting to ask yourself why you're doing what you aren't doing. What are you allowing to soak in? What are you giving yourself room to become? What is acceptable? I refuse to believe in right and wrong, I lean more towards what is deemed acceptable. Whether it's the general acceptance or a lone thought of, "yes".

What do we allow our horizons to look like? What are the "good choices" that we make and what do we categorize as bad? I hope to always be looking for the answers to these questions. I want to have just as little of understanding for the changing times and the reaction of the human against the world and vice versa. I'll just be more comfortable with the empty answers I'm capable of coming to conclusions with. Which is just as happy to me as knowing all. Blissfully looking forward to finding out all my inquiries.

My lines are down, you can't call me,
As I fly around in space odyssey.


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