Friday, September 2, 2011

Oh The Choices

Indulge your heartstrings and capacity for enlightened thought with a mix of adoration for the rhythm and shaping of sound that the human mind can conjure with this video.
I highly recommend it.

Shake the Dust

In the meantime:
There is something fantastic about choosing contentment in a situation.

Moments of chosen contentment recently:
1. When listening to music. I have gone through stages of being very critical of what I listen to and not being open to very much else. A snobbish behavior to say the least. But I felt like the things that I chose had so much merit and they should be seen as so to everyone. I'm not entirely sure what happened but I started expanding my horizons and allowing my enjoyment to extend to other genres and bands. I remember having the thought (in all it's simplicity), "If I like this music because of the sounds I hear that resonate with me then who's to say that the sounds that other people hear are just sounds that resonate when them? They just hear it differently" From then on out I decided to give every other song, genre, melody, bass line, and beat a chance. I would make the effort to choose to be content with music.

2. There has been quite a lot of things going on for me with my growth in life as of lately. New experiences and situations throw peoples lives out of order and that's along the same lines as my life at the moment. Extreme change saturates my life, even into the smallest of habits. I now challenge my thought process on almost everything. Constantly second guessing my opinions and trying to see new things. Well, in that process, there can be a whole lot of frustration. Because of all this deep change, I have developed a bit of an emotional numb to protect myself. I have been waiting for this numb to crack and for a big spill of emotion to come but I didn't know when it would hit me. Well it did the other day. I had a clear visual of a big biblical goblet/jeweled cup overflowing with dark red wine. I could feel myself bubbling over and knew it wasn't going to be pretty with people around. So I took a step back and told myself "everything is a choice. I will be able to feel this emotion soon, just choose contentment for now" And I did. It was good to know that in the biggest time of stress I've felt in a very long time and I was capable of keeping it together until I could feel it fully and get over it in a healthy way. But it took consciously thinking and even saying it out loud to myself for me to really listen and follow through.

3. Choosing contentment in acceptance. Essentially I guess they could be the same thing. You need to be content to accept and accepting to be content. So lets say contentance. Acceptment? Contentance.
So to have contentance in a situation, you need to have acceptment.
Either way, it is a choice. Situational, emotional, spiritual, verbal, mental, absolutely everything. I love the amount of choices we have in life. I love that sometimes it feels like you only have 50% options for your life. There are other things in life that need to be taken care of and you are held accountable by people and society. But who's to say any one of us can't snap and go crazy? Who's to say we aren't already all crazy, we just aren't open enough to be able to see it.
So if there is nothing actually physically holding you back from buggering off to some unknown villa in Europe or some deep part of the rainforest, why would we not at least choose to be accepting.

Now there is a difference between being content and rolling over and letting everything trample you. There is a strength to the core of the human being and if that strength is played up and always exercised just as your muscles are, you become a grounded person. You are solid in the choices you make and are yet still willing and open to hear peoples viewpoints and accept changes in your life. But still be able to fight for who you want to be.
The contentment I'm talking of is knowing what is out of your control and what you can change. When a situation is going crazy, all you can do is choose your reaction to such happenings. We can allow for that happiness and love to come though in all of our choices. Sometimes we just let go of that understanding to coddle ourselves, our egos.
All I'm saying, really, is that humans are capable of happiness. Bliss, if you will. And there is nothing stopping us from obtaining it, but ourselves.

"Challenge accepted."


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  1. Hey Meri,

    I'm Miles the founder of Storm Yoga. I appreciate your comment on Yoga Dork and hope to see you out there on Friday. If you ever want to plug in with our work just let me know.

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