Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Picture This - My Visual Life

The view from a bridge somewhere in this quickly chilling city. I'm not ready for colder weather.

Going to the football match. Lady Love and I stuck around for half the game and then pussied out to go and sit in the warm car. Such sportsmanship. But really, what do you expect?

The game. The view was breathtaking while the sun was setting. I was secretly wishing I was in England watching the world cup. Now that would be an experience.

Lady Love and The Critic pretty much looking typical. They're my favorites.

My quest for a curtain for my new room is quite daunting. I need someone who actually has the ability to make choices to come with me and help narrow it down a little. Fabric is expensive!! And there is way too much of it for me to pick just one.
I'll probably just get bead curtains. Why not?

I would like to do more of these sort of visual photo blogs but I'm not whipping out my camera enough. I'll try harder, I promise.

I've also been painting lately as well so that might be the next blog post. My "mixed media artistry" being displayed. We'll see.

I feel like I need to give some sort of glimpse into what is going on in my whirlwind brain right now so lets try this on for size.

Meri's Self Growth of the Day:
The path to finding yourself takes a lot of courage and ability to accept change. But it also takes a strength in standing your ground. There is a balance between what you know to be true to you and allowing truths to become you. That balance takes awareness and that awareness takes bravery. To be able to have a calm and unbiased outlook on your own life is hard but worth it. If you stay present and true, accept love into your life with every choice you make, and reach towards a higher standard in everything you do, you can't go wrong.

I'm really thankful for the ability to do this blog. I am really just writing these things to myself in a public domain. These are really just parts of my journal that everyone can read and hopefully find some hope and love in them. I've realized that I want to help people with my life. I enjoy doing it in a manor of subliminal joy. I like working positivity secretly into peoples lives and maybe that just means being an example. But I'm also an example of being human and getting overwhelmed with these things that make me human. So hopefully people see that and can feel justified in making mistakes and still strive for making better choices.

Kestrels breed
Looking farther than I can see
Without talked to read
She'll take a shining to me

Beacon, don't fly too high.
Beacon, don't fly too high.


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