Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Creatures of Habit

I love my immune system. It rarely fails me or lets me down. I can function in daily life knowing that it is strong.. For the most part.

Being sick is a chore for me. I grew up with a nurse as a mother whom I'm sure brought home every illness, disease and ailment known to man, just so that my immune system could know what it was and how to fight it. I rarely ever get sick. Sure, sometimes I'm feeling under the weather but for the most part it's blown out of proportion by my emotional state.

I've taken many a lesson from my nursemom. One of them being that even when I am sick, it shouldn't stop my life from happening. I rarely missed school, work, events, anything due to sickness. My life happened whether my immune system wanted it to or not.

Just keep swimming.

Now as a yogi (of sorts) I try and involve myself in the philosophy of yoga as well as the asanas (physical postures) but it's quite a lot to handle sometimes. Not only am I trying to live my life as productively as I can but I'm trying to involve all different aspects of interest in it as well. Music, art, nature, ect. I've been trying to concour the 8 limbs of yoga for some time now. It's not an easy task. To not only memorize them but to incorporate them into your life at all times takes quite a bit of effort. But as it's been referd to before, the 8 limbs are more of the spokes on a bycicle tire rather than steps of a latter. They're meant to all be done at once, not taken one by one. (IMO)

Which brings us to another point.


What is life without balance? The middle way? Compromise?

Sometimes it's good to just take it slow. It may not be a "sick day" but you can rest and still be productive. Maybe it's good to just go over the names of the Yamas one day and save the rest for later.

I'm a huge fan of putting my fingers in all the pies and getting a bit of everything. Jack of all trades rather than incompitant at one thing and amazing at another.

Point is, what can we do to balance our lives a bit? Take a bit of it all at once and see how it goes.

:Contents of my head.


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