Thursday, May 19, 2011

Numero Uno

A small introduction:

First posts of anything always seem silly to me.

I am a couple months into my 22nd year of life. I have many things to learn yet and many an experience yet to be had but this is a blip of my life in the moments of me writing and bringing life to words.

I am currently teaching yoga as a way to pay my bills but of course yoga for me is more of a learning curve. I'm happy with the way it is teaching me different things in my life and I will expand on what those things are as they arise in my life to come.

I paint as well. Mostly abstract acrylic on canvas but sometimes I use the odd object such as cutting boards that are being tossed or just average every day things you wouldn't consider to be a pallet for creation and creativity. I enjoy the strange oddities in artistic endeavors.

My goals for this blog is meerly to convey my growth and expansion as a person to the public. I'm not a hugely open person to strangers and this is the perfect way to express myself. I plan on posting pictures of my adventures and sharing things I find that inspire me in my yearning for kindness, goodness and activity.

And now I must head off to ze studio to make my living.

Sometime I'll think of an outro type deal but I'm not as creative on the spot so..

Ta ta for now friends.


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