Saturday, May 21, 2011

Virgin Dancer

So a couple friends of mine convinced me to go out for a friends birthday which started as that and lead quickly into a mini dance party.

I'm really not the "out on the town" type. I don't do very well in large social group situations and usually end up feeling quite uncomfortable and awkward. So this was a new experience to me.

The venue was changed on us just as we got to the area so we decided to go for a spot of dancing first before meeting up with everyone. We go to this club(?) that I knew of but had never been to. (not that I've been to any club ever before) I was driving so I didn't drink but had fun all the same. It was quite an odd experience to just allow yourself to be in a crowded room with strange people who are totally different from you and are there for totally different reasons. I really just went out for curiosity and a bit of fun.

It's actually quite interesting how people get so primped and primed just to go out. I looked good, sure, but I wasn't nearly as done up as most of the girls there.

Anyway, that's off point. I went out with my two best friends, one of whom was drinking and the other had to work at 7 so didn't stay long but it was a good balance. My fellow redheaded friend was the one drinking and had such a cool and collected air about her. She owned whatever moves she was doing but yet still was so simplistic. My other friend was a dancing queen who would just do whatever moved her. She was dancing with some pretty hardcore people just for the hell of it. Apparently, I was dancing like I was high but I think it's just because I really enjoyed the music. Not that I would listen to it on a daily basis but it was sweet to have such loud vibrations moving though you.

Most people probably see this as no big deal but it's actually kind of a huge change in my life. I'm REALLY not the type but I entirely enjoyed this and must do it again before my dancing queen moves off to Korea. Maybe make it a little challenge today to do something you wouldn't normally do. Everyone needs to grow and how do you know you won't like it if you don't try?

Just what's going through my head today...


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