Thursday, May 19, 2011

Creative Fluxuation

A couple nights ago, I had just gone to bed and sort of settled down when I realized, I wasn't really settled. My fingers were still buzzing and I needed to get up and create.
So I did.

This was before I watched "Exit Through the Gift Shop"
- A Banksy film. Whom I respect tremendously. Enjoy the Trailer here.
Of course that inspired another whirlwind of images and general go-getter ability.

I must say though. I do enjoy where I am going as an artist.
I remember being 16 and watch
ing films like these (Pollock documentary ect.) and finding really amazing artists and just thinking I wanted to BE them. Then getting frustrated because when I tried to replicate their work, I couldn't. Now (with a little inspiration from my baby sister) I just allow their talent to encourage me to be better and continue to push myself to make more art. It's rather nice. So this is a part of my little artistic splurge lately...

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