Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cogs Gears and Yoga

Sometimes life clicks. There are many types of this particular situation. One that I have experienced as of recently is the type where the laws of physics and time just sprinkle a little bit of sparkles along your life path. It happens when you least expect it and sometimes it really just ends up being a blow to the side of the head. You don't fully realize that life has been moving you in this one direction since the beginning of time. Our minds can't fully comprehend that notion but we can sure as hell try.
I see us all as unique individual cogs in the gear of a massive watch that keeps ticking. No right or wrong, no good or bad, just gears, doing their respective jobs to continue the movement of time.
Emotions is where things get confusing for us (me). At points, I'm on top of the world. I'm so happy, my heart and head are bursting out of my body and shining this brilliant light out into the world around. Sometimes I'm lop sided and unbalanced. Staggering around in my path, losing my footing and being overwhelmed by each thought.

I took a Bikram class tonight. (Hence the abundant thought process) I really enjoyed it. I'm definitely going to include it into my practice. To be able to not think and just be connected with these extremely active poses is quite refreshing. And I honestly loved the heat. It was great to feel as if my skin was going to just lift off of my body and fill the gap with this buzzing energy of vibrancy and life.
I had to be so aware. I really had to make sure I was asking myself if every movement was something I really wanted to be doing. Sometimes I had little time to think, sometimes it wouldn't take much thought.

By the end of it, I was alive. The energy of the people around me was incredible and so invigorating. It were as if the space between everything, everyone, wasn't really there. Air turned to solid, moist, heat that mixed so well with the haze of sweat all over my body. Everything just mixed into all that was around it so simply and flawlessly.

My heart glowed green and was expanding with every breath. I felt as if it were this radiation that was touching everyone in the room.

Now this is a bit of an extreme experience for me, but it is usually something along these lines that I feel while doing yoga. I become so grounded and yet completely aware of everything. Detached from emotional effect or drama. Simple. Clean minded. Fresh but still with depth of mind.

This is how I feel everything clicks. There is a distinct pop sound when you hear a solid fit perfectly in line with another solid. The metaphorical pop happened for me. Keeps happening. It's a breath of clean, cool, vivacious air.

Another thing that has really resinated with me lately is sound. I've been enjoying a couple different artists, looking back on some past ones with new light and so on. I have been enjoying reverberation quite a lot. Seeing a lot of visuals to match with sounds that make it hit a bit deeper of a nerve in my mind. It's nice to really have an appreciation for good, solid music.

Life love cogs gears cadence and movement.


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