Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A New Vein in Time

Entertain your eardrums with this as your eyeballs do all the work.

At the studio that I teach at, we do this "inspirational rocks" thing. Basically (as cheeseball as it sounds) there are a bunch of polished rocks in a basket up at the front of the room and in Savasana the teacher bring the basket to each person, allowing them to choose the rock that they need. On it is an inspirational saying. (Connect with Nature, Relax, Breathe in Breathe Out, for example) Sometimes it's really just a rock to me. Sometimes I feel very little from whatsoever.

Let me skip a beat for a second and tell you how this is semi in relation to my blip of existence. As I've mentioned before in previous blogs, there is a lot of change going on in my life. And I think I either knew or manifested it a long time ago because I had this sort of saying of "2011 holds some big changes" and I said it long before I even knew what the plan was for this year. Well, part of this plan is moving back to the homeland. Western forests and ocean views is on this girls path. As excited as I am, there is a whole new world opening up for me. I'm going back at a completely different age and stage of life in general. As I said to Champ today, my mind is opening and growing at a rapid rate and I am just learning to accept and allow it all to happen. So this is creating, as you might have guessed, quite a bit of anxiety in my thought process.

Now it circles back. My rock the other day said simply "No Fear"

Made me realize something along a bit of a different vein.

I taught a class after that whole rock experience about the movement of time and how it applies to our yogic practice. I was saying how every amount of time can be broken into the smallest of moments and snaps of life. The world turns, millions of people eat their cereal while millions are making love. Nature lives and dies, we are just a small pin point in the scheme of things. And we will never be this young ever again! We will never be this person with these ideals with these exact memories or lack there of.

Which maps me right back to, no fear.

Why? Why bother having fear in our lives? I challenge anyone to bring me a point of why fear is a necessity in every day living.

Now, I'm not an extremest. Sure, in a perfect world, peace love and happiness could prevail. We could all hold hands and live a merry little life in our grande hobbit holes and farms of fresh nurturing goodness for the souls of everyone. In a perfect world, we could live sans-fear. But it's not perfect. So what?

So we bring a bit of easiness into our choices. We allow simplicity into the little thoughts going through our heads. Everyone has them. The Rolodex of categories with sub categories A-Z spinning around. Or maybe a boardroom of different sides of you all arguing different points. Whatever your visual, can it be simplified? Can it be relieved of weight? Can it be fearless?

My question to myself through all the haze and obstruction is, who will I allow myself to be?


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Long awaited bliss..

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  1. Your profile says you're a mixed media artist, you should post some of your mixed media art!