Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sub Thought of Consciousness

I'm not sure how other people dream, really. I ask all the time but no one can really give a straight answer. So because I would love for someone to do this for me, (feed my curiosity for the human mind) I will do this for others in hopes of the same in return at some point.

I dream in energy. In the intent. Anyone read The Chrysalids? John Whyndham explained it quite well how these kids communicate through thought. That's how my dreams work. No one really says "words" in the literal form. I often dream in colour, shape, feeling. I don't get details or specific images, just a general vibe of whatever emotion this object is meant to be portraying.

Often times when I dream of people, there are certain features that I see on them that are my depiction of the features they have in real life but the rest of their bodies often don't look quite the same. I'll know who they are most of the time by the energy they give me. Even though I know who the tall man with dark hair and piercing eyes is, he may be giving me the energy of someone else. Most of the time they look somewhat like the person they are in reality, but sometimes not. Sometimes if I see my sister (wee one) in a dream, I'll know it's her but she'll look totally different. It can be because the dream is in the future and she is evolved into someone that I'm not accustomed to in modern day time. For the most part, the hair and the color of clothes are the two things I am capable of really seeing. Everything is often just blurry and out of focus.

Sometimes I'll dream in psychedelic shapes. Just outlines of objects, flowers, vines, shapes, geometric designs. That's not very often and when it does happen, it's mostly in Savasana. (Which has been really trippy for me lately.)

I see surroundings quite well though. Last night was Switzerland and there was a harbor with boats and houseboats floating and bobbing around. There were huge hills all around the harbor that were lush with the greenest of grass. I remember the ebb and flow of the waves around all the wooden docks, there was a building that reminded me a lot of Waterfront Station in Vancouver. I took the escalator down to the water and looked back at the brick building. It looked like it may have been displaced there from the 20's.

Sometimes my dreams stick with me really well, in which case I'm capable of writing them down in a dream journal I have. Sometimes they leave just before I become conscious. I often wake up and then try and dive back into the dream before it slips through my fingers but it's often too late.

I've tried to do lucid dreaming but I've only achieved it once or twice and didn't enjoy it very much. I like seeing what my subconscious comes up with. What situations the depth of my mind decides to create for the thought process of my mind.

Sub thought of the conscious self,


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