Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I Am Aglow

How lucky I am to live the way I do.

Lady Love and I were talking to a friend (Champ.. a newly acquired, much appreciated friend) last night about being yoga teachers. We were saying how we don't think we can go back to the day job of 9 - 5, nose to the grindstone, hate your life and wish for release type job anymore. We've pushed the bar so high, at such a young age, that there's nowhere for us to go but up.

This picture is evidence of that. I work, do yoga, go home, listen to music whilst I blog or clean, go out with friends, teach a class, and sleep. I live off of the love of my passions! If I could give everyone in the world one huge gift, it would be the gift of living off of what you love. And loving how you live.

I guess my only qualm is that now I have to continue to move forwards and not cling to what I have. Keep pushing upwards and onwards. Thank life and existence for the friends I have and the people in my life, and continue. Enjoy every. little. moment. It will pass, it won't be there forever. Love it while you've got it and keep going, keep loving, keep finding light.

I am aglow.

If I ever seem down in any of these blogs, someone punch me.. Hard.

Shuma shumshum..


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